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  1. One new registration. #79
  2. Six Kittiwakes looking for a new owner.
  3. One Kittiwake with new owner. #195

Kittiwake Construction Manual
Copies of the original Kittiwake Construction Manual are now available through the Kittiwake 23 Registry. They are offered at the same price Kenner was getting, $25.00 each, plus $7.00 shipping and handling. To request ordering information click on this button.

The Kittiwake 23 Registry
The Kittiwake 23 Registry is a compilation of the Kittiwakes that are still sailing around the country. The goal is to locate and document all of the Kittiwakes that were manufactured. It is set up to include hull number, year built, boat name, current owners name, hailing port and names known previous owners.

The registry is growing nicely. All the Kittiwakes that were sailing on Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City during the early 70's have been listed. The current status of only a few of these is known. Others around the country have been located thru the internet. A few of these are listed for sale. If you know of any other K-23 owners, please ask them to send their information to be included in the registry. Please send the information on your boat so that the registry can be made as complete as possible. Any other thoughts and ideas you have would be appreciated also. Where do you sail?

It is hoped that this will grow to become a forum where Kittiwake owners can contact each other to share experiences regarding sailing, maintaining and preservation/restoration of Kittiwakes.

Click here to send information or ask questions.   

Join the Kittiwake Discussion Group - See the information below.
The Kittiwake Discussion Group is a site moderated by Mike Brown that is set up to exchange messages with other group members

Here is an introductory message from the group moderator:

"Hi Guys:
I have started an email list for us Kittiwake owners, sailors and restorers to ask and answer questions. You are invited to join the kittiwake_sailors group, an email group hosted by Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use email group service. By joining kittiwake_sailors, you will be able to exchange messages with other group members. Yahoo! Groups also makes it easy to store photos and files, coordinate events and more. If you have any troubles, you can email me directly at:
Talk to you soon!
Mike Brown"

JOIN NOW, IT'S EASY. Go to the Yahoo! Groups site at:

The Peabody Essex Museum is the repository for a collection of Carl Alberg's work. This collection includes four drawings for the South Coast 23, consisting of a lines plan, construction plan, sail plan, and cabin plan.
For any one interested, copies of these drawings can be purchased from the museum. Contact George Schwartz, 978-745-9500 x3114; fax. 978-740-3640; or email,

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