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Kittiwakes built by Ray Greene Co.
Sail # Owner Boat Name Home Port
  Christy Davis Ragtime Gal Columbus, OH
410 Fred Bennett NO ME  
411 David Thompson Tapestry  
412 Dan Norris Rayanna Brest Bay Marina, Monroe, MI
415 Jave Hughes & Peter Jacobs Helga Fish Creek, WI
417 Brian M. King Wild Geese Marblehead, OH
421 John Hoffman   Lake Michigan, Chicago
  Larry L. Knowles Tardis Buena Vista, CO
425 Jeremy Jackson & Don Recupido Last Call Fish Creek, WI
425 Steve Makinson   TN
427 Jeff Symon Little Dude Key West, FL
428 Linda Rancourt Architeuthis Chesapeake Bay, MD
431 John T Phillips Possum Lake St. Claire, MI
433 Unknown Passage  
435 Jay Shick & Jen Hawkins   Stockton Lake, MO
442 Unknown Otter*  
443 Chic Silber KALEIDOSCOPE Sarasota, FL
444 Jeff Fitzsimmons Whisper Milwaukee, WI
447 Joe Carter Kiti Lu Allatoona Lake, GA
448 Christophe D. Masiero Emerald Lake Norman, NC
450 Matt & Pat Clarke Miss Kitty Lewis & Clark Lake, NE
  TC & Janet Callahan RAG17038M76A  
453 Donna & Clay Jones Main Priority Lake Murray, SC
554 Unknown Stuart*  

*Last known name for boat

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